Our Services

CB Wealth Management Group is an independent financial planning company in Palm Desert, CA. For three decades we have provided financial planning to help our clients work toward their goals, provided investment recommendations to promote proper asset allocation, and offer consistent monitoring to make sure that our clients' portfolios are kept up to date in these changing times.

We specialize in helping individual investors set financial goals and invest wisely to pursue these goals. These goals may include saving for retirement, planning for future college expenses, maximizing tax planning strategies, or generating attractive retirement income.

We believe that all investors deserve professional advice, so whether you are just getting started, or have advanced needs, we are the company for you.

Some of our investment solutions include:

  • Fee-based accounts with multiple professional managers
  • Insurance options that include annuities
  • Retirement options including accounts that provide tax free withdrawals at retirement
  • College savings plans that offer potential tax free withdrawals for education
  • Alternative investment products to complement and enhance traditional portfolios
  • Life, Health, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance
  • Tax planning strategies to maximize after tax income

CB Wealth Management Group---where we have the View and Vision to help you realize financial independence.